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Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble is the ultimate local 3 vs. 1 laser arena brawler any sane soul has to play at least once.  It’s as addicting as taking a nap when you actually have work to do and just can’t stop procrastinating.


You will be divided into teams, or to be more precise it’s three of you against one. So make sure the newest and/or least likeable friend is the one you team up against!
(No worries hated friend. The game will lend you the power you always desired to blast your so-called "friends" into the ground!)

  • Energetic 3 vs 1 Boss Battles
  • Unique Character Abilities
  • Ability Swap between Heroes
  • Competitive Teamplay
  • Score System
  • 9 unique Levels
  • Engaging, electrifying Music
  • Lots of flashy Effects
  • High Energy!

Each of you has to choose a role in the beginning, either Attack, Tank, Runner or Boss. But as Heroes you can swap your roles during the matches as often as you want. But it's cleverer to do it when the Boss changes its color because it indicates which Hero does double damage. 

Let's take a closer look at your roles and your special abilities:

- makes damage, duh

- but makes DOUBLE damage while the Boss is weak to your color

- can shield any damage

- can push the Orb, but just a bit, just a notch

- is followed by the Orb which deals massive damage to anyone

- can shortly speed up the Orb which can be a massive advantage or deadly mistake

- can shoot and deal damage to all Heroes

- has a super cool Supernova that does super damage to everyone in its reach!

The game supports most common controllers. For a full list of supported controllers see this link.
If your controller isn't supported, you can still try using x360ce.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Download demo

Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble - Demo 55 MB
Neon Nova Ultra Space Rumble - Demo 58 MB

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